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About Us

H2O Life is a family run business with only two things in mind; to promote a healthy living and decrease the pollution caused by plastic bottles. There are still a very large number of people who visit their local supermarkets spending so much to buy water in plastic bottles; this not only damages your pocket but unfortunately impacts the environment in a very negative way - even if you are recycling! 

It has never been easier to move to water filter systems for your home from plastic water bottles. Simply place an order for your required filtration system, which generally hides underneath your sink(we advise you to buy replacement water filters with your order to save yourself some money). Call a plumber to install it (we can help you with this) and enjoy the hassle-free fresh water straight from your tap. You save yourself the hassle to buy bottles and bottles of water, moving it from the car then into your house; where the bottles eventually ends up in the middle of the ocean. 

As we mentioned above, we promote healthy living and decreasing pollution; we don't stop there. We have partnered up with Carbon Checkout, a company dedicated to save our planet by donating a small amount (change) at checkout. Your change is pooled with other micro-contributions and invested in renewable energy and carbon capture projects to reduce global carbon emissions. Carbon Checkout will then s end you a verification code to track your emission reductions, view your personal portfolio and engage with the projects you helped make possible.

So let us help you begin the journey on saving the environment right now, before it's too late. Did you know that in the UK alone in 2015, over 34 litres of bottled water were consumed per person; that's 340 litres in 10 years - per person! It takes three times the amount of water to make a single bottle as it does to fill it, doesn't sound right at all, right? It's all up to every individual person now, you can make a change - you will certainly save yourself a heap load of money but more importantly we will be one step closer to making a huge change to your (and your family's) health as well as the environment. Hit the button below to start making a change today!

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